-6% Out Of Stock AZELLINE SWAROVSKI WHITE GOLD (0,75 gram)

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Littlethingshewear introduces: 

Azelline Earrings

Azelline means worthy of Respect, Great, Magnificent, Very Happy, Indestructible. Describing women perfectly. That’s what inspired us to make this earring. This earring is dedicated from littlethingshewear for all the great woman out there. Made from 17k fine gold, this earring also decorated with genuine and carefully selected Swarovski from Swarovski Element, this earring will make you look classy and elegant. Perfect for daily wear or to evening soiree to match with any dress.

Features :

  • Certified 17k fine gold 
  • Special Anti Allergic Coating
  • Decorated with genuine swarovski crystals, carefully chosen with regard to the best quality to maintain the quality of each earrings.
  • 3.5 mm swarovski crystal
  • Safety featured design with loop end that holds perfectly and prevent the usual case of losing earring
  • One of a kind beautiful design.

It is Recommended to:

Children start from the age of 12 year old and up to adulthood