- Chelsea Olivia -

“A Mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. I’m so excited getting these earrings from LittleThingSheWear, the design looks very cute on my daughter Nastusha. These earrings are safe for sensitive skin because it is made from 17k fine gold + 24k goldplated. What I like about these earrings is the Loop-End Design that is safe for Nastusha and it won’t easily dislodge, perfect for dailywear” – Chelsea Olivia, Indonesian Celebrity/Mom Influencer

- Summer & April Widira -

“On a daily basis, wearing cute little hypoallergenic earrings made of 17K Gold and 24 K Gold plating, for days for years, safe and comfy and pretty too! Check out their Instagram complete with a tutorial on how to wear and change babies and toddler earrings! (with loop-end design that is comfortable to wear even when sleeping and not easily dislodge and missing!) @littlethingshewear, for babies, kids and adults too, forever favorite, a great baby present" – The Widira, Lifestyle Influencer

- Yenny Syen -

“My daughter, Sasa was very excited when the first time sees these elephant shaped earrings from LittleThingSheWear! The design is very cute! Sasa use the white gold variant made from 17k fine gold coated with anti-allergy coating, so it is safe for children with sensitive skin, can be used even for newborn baby, and the Loop-End part is specially designed so the earrings won’t easily dislodge and lose, very suitable for active kids like Sasa. But they also have adult size model, so mom can play twins with their daughter, ver cute!” – Yenny Syen, Mom Influencer

- Moa Aeim -

“Woa, turns out it is very easy to put on @littlethingshewear earrings, and it made Babyk looks very girly and pretty! 

1. Made from 17k fine gold + 24k goldplated
2. Coated with anti-allergy coating so it is safe for any type of skin
3. Made by carefully selected Genuine Swarovski Element 
4. The best part is the loop-end design!, safe to use by kids and babies, not easily dislodge so, it is very comfortable to wear by Babyk”

- Franda -

“What I like the most about these earrings from LittleThingSheWear is the Loop-End design. You know, how usually you get so worry when your daughter using earring, it easily lose and the end part is usually poking their skin and made them so uncomfortable. These earrings from LittleThingSheWear is the solution to that! Because it is design with the Loop-End that is comfortable and safe to wear for toddler even for babies! And the best part is, these earrings are specially coated by anti-allergy coating so it is safe for sensitive skin, so I don’t need to be worry when my daughter Vecchia use these earrings.” – Franda, Indonesian Celebrity/Mom Influencer

- Inneazri -

"Sae's new earrings are from @littlethingshewear we can't just give earrings or jewelry to be used for children, we need to carefully choose what material that is safe for our children’s skin. Now I could be ease, because there is this brand @littlethingshewear, the safest anti-allergy earrings, their earrings are made of 17k fine gold and Genuine Swarovski and also specially coated with anti-allergy with a loop-end design on the back so it won't come off and lose easily, so it is safe for sensitive skin of infants and children and the design very cute and pretty for little cute, sassy baby girl like Sae” – Inne Azri, Indonesian Celebrity/Mom Influencer

- Mamajodaily -

"Why growing up so fast? I love you baby girl! I feel like next year I already gonna have to look for elementary school. Can we pause the time for a while? As she grows old, she more able to say what she wants, choose what clothes to wear, including accessories. One of them is these earrings @littlethingshewear, I am very happy when I find out they have Minnie Series & they also have it in adults size!" - @mamajodaily, Mom influencer

- Joanna Alexandra -

"My daughters and I are very happy, we got these new earrings from @littlethingshewear. I am very excited when discovering these earrings, it is very good for kids to wear because it is safe for sensitive skin. Made from 17k fine gold + 24k gold plated, and what I like the most about this earrings is the innovative loop-end design that is safe and comfortable to wear, especially for my daughter Zoey ;)” – Joanna Alexandra, Indonesian Celebrity/Mom Influencer"

- Jennajoemanhattan -

"New earrings collection from @littlethingshewear ... Jenna Jaime already has a lot of it, besides having a cute design, these earrings made from 17k of genuine fine gold + 24k gold plated. I like this product very much because of the innovative loop-end design that safety and comfortable to use for children” – Jenna Joe Manhattan, Mom Influencer"